Our Staff

Shelley Mann-Lev

Thomas W. Olson
Board Member

"La Familia is committed to serving the health care needs of all people in our community without regard to their financial resources and ability to pay. Supporting that vital and challenging mission and the dedicated staff serving our patients will be my foremost priorities in serving as a director." Tom has practiced law in Santa Fe and represented clients in the health care industry for more than... More

Doug Doran
Board Member

Maria Jose Rodriguez Cadiz
Board Member

Ramona Flores-Lopez
Treasurer of Board of Directors

"I have been a supporter of LFMC since I moved to Santa Fe in the late 70’s. LFMC provides superb care and respects the dignity of all who seek care at its various clinics." Ramona is the Fiscal Services Manager for Presbyterian Medical Services. Ramona has served the La Familia Medical Center's Board of Directors in various capacities and returned to the Board in July 2014. More

Larry Cohen, MD
Secretary of Board of Directors

"I am honored and grateful to have been chosen to serve on the board of La Familia Medical Center. Their mission to serve a significant, diverse and often underprivileged group of our society is most important to our city and culture." Dr. Cohen joined the board in 2011. He serves on the Human Resources and Performance Improvement Committees. Dr. Cohen is a retired Radiologist. He received his BA f... More

Deborah Weiss
President of Board of Directors

"LFMC fills essential roles in Santa Fe by providing access to quality health care and by its significant contribution to the training of family medicine physicians. I feel fortunate to be in a position to support these activities through my membership on the Board of Trustees." Ms. Weiss is a consultant working with the New Mexico Primary Care Training Consortium providing direction and support to... More

Randy Murray
Board Member

"I have been a patient at LFMC for five years and because of the exemplary service I have received I want to focus on giving back to La Familia in my capacity as a member of the development committee" He joined the Board in 2011. He has a BS from University of California Berkeley and an MBA from Stanford University. Randy worked in the banking industry in San Francisco for twenty five years and for... More

Mario Pacheco, M.D.
Vice President of Board of Directors

"La Familia has always been, and will always be, the place that I call home. This is where I started my career and has continued to be my reference point for what a top-notch medical home should look like. The mission is a noble one and the staff is the ultimate model of how mission-driven individuals can work together as a team to improve health services access to a community." Mario F. Pacheco, M... More

Rich DePippo
Board Member

I am very pleased to join the board of La Familia. Every day, La Familia is providing excellent, vital, medical care to diverse patients, and treating each of them with dignity and respect.  Its mission is important to the wellbeing of the people of Santa Fe, and I am proud to support this organization.  My partner and I have had a home in Santa Fe since 1999, and moved here full-time in 2006.... More